I have complete trust in Abi Hearing to provide me with the best, honest information and devices to allow me to get the best out of life. I love hearing, I love noise and I don’t ever want to live in a silent world so together with Abi Hearing we work to maintain every ounce of what I love. Maybe it’s your first set of hearing aids or maybe you need new ones, I beg you not to be hesitant or scared, the Audiologist at Abi Hearing are professional, very knowledgeable about the best products to suit your lifestyle and your level of hearing loss, very friendly and welcoming.


I have been a client for the past 3 years dealing with your North Melbourne Clinic. Naturally I’ve had reason to use ongoing services (further assessment, minor repairs etc) during this time. The service I’ve received from my first visit from Shukri and Linda. Both has been outstanding unfailingly courteous and professional…..nothing seems to be too much trouble for them. Please pass on my expression of appreciation and congratulations. I’m very pleased that I chose your organisation to care for my hearing needs.


I went to a noisy restaurant last night and my hearing aids were excellent. The adjustment made was great, and I did not have any trouble with background noise.


Many thanks for your expert care and friendly help.


Thank you for your help and patience. You were so understanding of my needs and again I thank you very much and would be very happy to recommend you.


My name is Lloyd. I recently purchased 2 hearing aids from Abi Hearing. I have to say it is one of the best decisions my wife and I have made, apart from saying i do to each other. My life has changed i can hear everything thanks to Shukri  and Linda…just the best people for their service. What i need to explain is this…yes they take time to get used to as they sound loud in the beginning but what people need to understand is that now you are hearing what a person with normal hearing hears, so in affect they are not loud but normal. if you have that mindset then you will understand how good they are. I just recently had a test with Shukri and without these aids i got 33% of the questions right, with the aids i got 96% right. People are not repeating things to me, and i am not repeating things to them. You might say why did i not get 100% right, the answer is i only have my aids to 80% Another big point is this…I am  63 years of age, my mother passed away last year through dementia/alzymers and she refused to wear hearing aids, my Dad has the same problem…you see if you can’t hear properly that part of the brain does not function, so i promised both my Mum and Dad that i would do something about it…and i have lessened the risk of Dementia. I am a musician and i have lowered my volume by half and the TV as well. So please the aids can only be a plus, use them, get used to them and they will serve you well. The reason that things are so loud when you first have them is because your hearing was so low…mine was and now i have normal hearing and i don’t even feel them in my ear. Best Regards and hearing