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Is your hearing not quite what it used to be? Are you in search of a reputable hearing tests & aids Melbourne clinic? Abi Hearing offers the highest quality and service of hearing aids and hearing evaluations in Melbourne. The gift of hearing is one of the greatest gifts of life but, as the stats show that one in six adults suffer from hearing loss, it’s a gift that can be taken away.

Don’t let hearing problems cause you frustration or despair, as the highly experienced and expert team of professionals at Abi Hearing are here to provide a solution that fits your needs.

How is our approach to hearing problems different from other clinics? Our care is holistic based, focusing on identifying the root of your hearing issue, not just the symptoms that you are experiencing. A hearing problem can arise as a result of issues with the inner, outer or middle ear.

Suitable for babies aged 5 months right through to fully grown adults, our expert team of hearing specialists can conduct a full audio logical examination to determine which section of the ear is causing the issue and specifically what is causing the issue in the particular ear section. Our hearing specialists can also determine whether the issue is a listening issue or a hearing issue through an auditory processing assessment if required.

Minor or temporary hearing issues can come as a result of inflammation, infections, fluid behind the eardrum, stiffening of the ear bones or a build-up of wax and can usually be quickly identified and treated with medication or surgery. Should a more permanent hearing issue be identified due to ageing or a long-standing issue; our team can help you to correct your hearing loss through the use of a hearing aid.

When it comes to hearing aids, our specialist team aim to provide a thoroughly personalised service. We can help you to select a hearing aid to suit your hearing needs, lifestyle and budget. We give you the opportunity to try before you buy – take your hearing aid out into the world for 30 days for a trial with no obligation to purchase it after the trial. We fit all styles, brands and models and we also offer a range of hearing aid supplies and accessories. Should you ever require repairs for your hearing aid, our team of technicians can repair hearing aids in-house or acquire manufacturer repair.

We are a full service provider of hearing tests and hearing aids in north Melbourne, with our range of services even including tinnitus counselling and retraining and the design of custom moulded earplugs for swimmers, shooters and musicians. Hearing issues should always be tended to as soon as possible so whatever your hearing needs, our expert team is here to help.

You can book an appointment online, give our hearing specialists a call or drop into our clinic – all the details and directions you need are on our website. Remember, we’re here to help you!

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