Unitron Quantum Pro

Quantum Pro is the new premium member of the Quantum family. Powered by Era, Quantum Pro accurately identifies the direction of speech using binaural spatial processing, the sophisticated technology that enables SpeechZone to automatically zone in on speech from the front in the toughest listening situations. This breakthrough technology works harmoniously with the Quantum features you know and love to deliver high-fidelity listening, the way nature intended.

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Pro focuses on what matters most

Moxi Pro and Quantum Pro hearing instruments include the familiar features that are proven to provide natural, high-fidelity listening. And they are easier than ever to fit with the intuitive and easy-to-navigate TrueFit.™

Automatic performance with the SmartFocus advantage

Our high-resolution sensors continuously analyse listening environments, providing real-time information to the classifier, which custom blends the automatic response. The Automatic Program is further enhanced by clinically proven SmartFocus,™ which puts the spotlight on speech providing optimal speech intelligibility or comfort as the situation demands.

High-fidelity response

Natural Sound Balance constantly monitors the amplified sounds that can cause unnatural artifacts in open fittings, making precise, adaptive adjustments to preserve one clear, balanced signal. Pinna Effect recreates the natural acoustics of the ear’s pinna providing a much more true-to-life directionality, particularly in the high frequencies.

Best first fit. Optimal end result

The Automatic Adaptation Manager helps overcome new wearer resistance to accepting the full amplification required by gently transitioning them from a comfortable first fit that keeps your clients wearing their hearing instruments, to the amplification that will ultimately provide them with long term optimal speech understanding.