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Unitron Moxi Kiss

Moxi Kiss has all the features you need to automatically experience high-fidelity listening, just the way nature intended.

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Clear sound and speech

Enjoy natural sound and clear speech understanding in any situation. Moxi™ Kiss pulls speech out of noise and then eliminates the distracting background sounds you don’t need to hear. Plus, your hearing aids work together to zone in on speech in the most difficult listening situations.

An effortless experience

Moxi Kiss is fully automatic. This means that your hearing aids are always working intuitively in the background to make sure you hear your best. Moxi Kiss also makes using the phone enjoyable again by letting you hear the caller’s voice clearly in both ears.

At Unitron, we care deeply about people with hearing loss. We work closely with hearing healthcare professionals to provide hearing solutions that improve lives in meaningful ways. Because hearing matters.