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Phonak Bolero Q

We have been listening to ensure we fully understand what matters to you.* Each new generation of hearing aids is based on these insights. We are proud to present Phonak Bolero Q, our state of the art behind-the-ear hearing aids designed to suit your individual lifestyle and hearing needs.

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Phonak Bolero Q

These state of the art hearing aids were developed to suit your individual lifestyle and hearing needs. Phonak Bolero Q helps you to hear and understand in even the toughest listening situations.

  • Choice of models at different performance levels
  • Water and dust resistant models
  • Binaural VoiceStream Technology™ ensures speech signals are heard clearly in both ears

Designed to suit you

Phonak Bolero Q is available in a range of styles that include water and dust resistance for added confidence in active situations. A variety of hair, skin, fashion and fun colours ensures that we have one to suit your style.

Features & Benefits

The superior technology in Phonak Bolero Q products offers a host of unique features designed to enrich the listening experience in your day-to-day life. Abi Hearing will help you choose the optimal solution.

Take the First Step

Together with Abi Hearing you can choose the best solution to match your lifestyle, degree of hearing loss and your budget.