Bernafon Carista 5

Advanced hearing technology in a mid-range hearing instrument makes a lot of sense. Natural sound perception and enhanced speech understanding in almost all listening situations makes conversations more comfortable and less tiring.

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Bernafon Carista 5

With advanced noise reduction systems, most disturbing noises can be suppressed efficiently and effectively. In particular, fast-appearing shocking noises such as the rattle of cutlery or the rustling of newspaper are reduced in Carista 5 hearing aids. Wireless connectivity enables hearing instrument(s) to be connected to a mobile or landline phone, GPS system, TV, digital music player, etc. And, if two hearing instruments are worn, control both with one touch. The perfect choice for people who want listening to be easier and more comfortable and who need more program options.


· ChannelFree™
· Adaptive Directionality

· Adaptive Feedback Canceller Plus
· Adaptive Noise Reduction Plus
·Transient Noise Reduction
· Binaural Synchronization

· Wireless Connectivity
· Language Specific Targets
· REMfit™

Technical Features
· Digital signal processing up to 8 kHz
· Multi-Environment Program
· Auto Telephone detection
· Hydrophobic coating for all BTEs
· Dust and water protection for all BTEs (IP57)

Customization Features
· Data Logging
· Up to 12 listening program options
· 4 freely-assignable program slots
· DAI / FM adapter