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There are many different factors that go into choosing which hearing aid you should get, including performance, comfort and style. Luckily, Abi Clinic offers a comprehensive service that assesses the type of device you need and gives you a range of high quality options, all at affordable prices. Siemens hearing aids are just one of the many brands we stock for our patients, ensuring that they always get to choose from the latest design innovations.

Hearing Aids like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

At Abi, we stock a large range of high-end brands that offer incredible features, such as Phonak, Oticon, Widex, Starkey and GN Resound, at great prices. As technology advances more and more, these manufacturers offer greater precision of hearing aid technology to customers all around the world.

Siemens is yet another brand that we offer to customers on the basis of its incredible performance and style capabilities. Some of the key features of these devices are…

Superior design

These hearing aids are custom-made to fit your ear, ensuring that you receive the best fit possible.  A small and sleek solution means that you’ll barely notice that it’s there at all.

Advanced technology

You won’t need to worry about straining to understand conversations in loud environments any longer. Siemens newest technology hones in on what you want to hear and softens the rest. It even learns your personal hearing preferences and adjusts to them over time. There is also the capability to Bluetooth stream music, phone calls and more directly into your aid. If you want higher quality devices for lower prices, this is for you.

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Siemens Hearing Aids

Choosing the right hearing aids can be daunting, considering the sheer number of factors that go into choosing which one you should get – performance, comfort and style to name a few. At Abi Hearing, we offer a comprehensive service that assesses your needs and the type of device needed so you get the most out of your hearing. We provide a range of high quality options at very competitive prices.

Siemens hearing aids is one of the many premium brands we stock for our patients in order to ensure they’re always going to benefit from the latest design innovations. Custom-made to fit your ear, they’ll guarantee you get the best fit possible. With a discreet solution such as this, you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing a hearing aid!

With advanced Siemens technology, you’ll no longer strain to hear the conversations of those close to you in loud environments like restaurants and shows – the hearing aid adapts to your personal hearing preferences and adjusts over time, honing on what you want to hear and softening the rest. With added Bluetooth capability, you’ll be able to stream music, take calls and have complete control over your hearing aid from volume to monitoring battery life, if used with a companion smartphone.

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What Do Hearing Aids Sound Like?

Just as giving a pair of glasses to someone with 20/20 vision isn’t an accurate representation of poor vision, someone with their full hearing capabilities won’t be able to recreate hearing loss by simply using hearing aids. A person with normal hearing is able to hear sounds of multiple frequencies from low, medium to high pitches with complete clarity and definition.

When you have hearing loss, higher pitched sounds such as children’s voices, clanging cutlery and soft consonants like S and F may become harder to hear – although strong vowels like A and E are usually still heard, overall impairment makes speech difficult to decipher.

Modern digital hearing aids are usually programmed to the specific needs of the individual. No two hearing aids sound the same, as factors like hearing loss severity, room acoustics, background noise and clarity of conversation are all factors. Hearing aids don’t make claims to completely restore hearing – they can only with the amount of residual hearing an individual has left. This means people with hearing aids may still have difficulties hearing in certain situations.