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Bernafon Hearing Aids

If you want to hear in high definition, look no further than Bernafon Hearing Aids. From our personal store, we stock two premium models – the high-tech Carista 5 and the discreet Juna 9.

The Carista 5 uses state-of-the-art noise reduction technology so that background noise can be suppressed - for instance, rattling cutlery, heavy humming on an airplane and rustling newspapers are all reduced with the intelligent Carista 5 software making it a go-to-choice. Not to mention wireless connectivity which enables connections with telephones, GPS, TV, iPhone etc. If you’re looking for easy listening in comfort with a multitude of programmable options, the Carista 5 is for you.

Maybe you’re looking for something smaller? Check out the Juna 9, which fits completely inside your ear canal. Despite being much smaller than the Carista 5, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t possess the same powerful Bernafon technology. With fully automatic sound adjustments, the Juna 9 keeps up in fast-changing hearing environments. If you’re an active listener looking to enhance the hearing experience of music and film, these aids are the sure choice.

Why Are Hearing Aids Important?

Hearing is a vital sense, and one we never want to be without as it’s paramount to survival. From someone calling “watch out!” to screeching tires, hearing is vital for survivability. Not only will hearing save you from accidents, but the loss of hearing has been linked to social isolation and depression as it’s much harder to engage, listen and enjoy the conversations with the people you love that shapes the quality of your life. With hearing loss, even the smallest of life’s moments – like wind brushing through trees and waves crashing on the beach – go unheard.

The reality: Hearing loss of hearing is part of growing older. Thankfully, we live in an age where technology has advanced to the point where devices, such as hearing aids, can bring hearing back to those who have lost it.