Hearing Aid Prescription and Fitting

This process involves:

  • Selection of device
  • Fitting of device
  • Programming of device
  • Verification of device
  • Maintenance and care of device

When hearing aids are fitted we take into account:

  • Age of the patient
  • Hearing loss type and degree
  • Previous experience with amplification
  • Patients sound preference

Based on these information we develop a prescription that meets the hearing needs of the patient.

We recommend bringing family or a carer to the appointment to assist and support the patient throughout the process.

We use live speech mapping in the verification process to accurately measure hearing performance. This modern technology makes the device fitting process more effective and increases patient satisfaction.

For every new hearing device purchased, we will give a 30 days to ensure that both the fit and function meets the patients hearing requirements.

The fitting of each hearing device is combined with a fun, interactive, computerized program to improve your listening ability and augment the benefit of your hearing device. This home program will help you develop skills and strategies to hear better in situations that are typically difficult for anyone to hear in. Listening and Communication Enhancement is an essential component of your individual treatment plan.

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