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We believe all patients’ needs are different and we take pride ourselves on personalised service affordable pricing and flexible scheduling. We offer a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for patients of all ages.

Audiologist Seabrook

In life, we find the greatest joys come from the little details. Birds chirping in trees, walking through a pile of autumn leaves, cheering with the crowd when your team scores that winning goal. Maybe these moments are beginning to seem quieter and quieter – perhaps it’s time to visit an audiologist. Seabrook locals, Abi Hearing is here to help!

Established in Melbourne in 2008, we’ve quickly grown to become one the leading local audiology practices. An independent clinic, we don’t have any ties to the brands we sell aside from our testament to their quality. At Abi Hearing, we don’t have sales targets to meet or manufacturer bias; our solitary goal is to help return your hearing.

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