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Specialised care at affordable prices with a 100% independent appraisal of your hearing needs is what we’re all about.

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We believe all patients’ needs are different and we take pride ourselves on personalised service affordable pricing and flexible scheduling. We offer a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for patients of all ages.

Audiologist Princess Hill

If things are sounding a bit soft and muddy, maybe it’s time to see an audiologist. Princess Hill and surrounding Melbourne locals will be pleased to hear about Abi Hearing’s outstanding clinic! Established in 2008, we’re an independently owned and operated practice offering nothing but the most genuine, honest advice and stellar service.

As we have no ties to large companies, brand bias and meeting sales targets are not part of what we do. We have one goal – your ultimate satisfaction with clear hearing. Choosing hearing aids can be tough with so many brands and models to choose from – but at Abi Hearing, we’re “hear” to help!

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